About Piggy in the Middle

Philosophy behind  Piggys Tapas Menu

Hi Welcome to "Piggy in the Middle" we hope you like the new style! Since closing Bonnies Restaurant after
a massive 23 years as chef, I have taken time out to realize what I want to do now that Bonnie (mum) has retired.
I have concluded that not everyone can eat, or want's, a big three course meal or even a big plate of food, so I have decided on the new Tapaz style sharing  menu, so you can eat as much or as little as you want.

Our main concern is to produce lots of lovely flavours to get your taste buds excited.
This is a much more relaxed style of eating, you can carry on chatting to your friend's or family while you eat.
Sip a nice glass of wine with a chosen selection of freshly cooked Tapas, enough to share.You can order more at any time just as you do with your drinks. Piggy in the Middle & team look forward to meeting you soon.